Woman arrested over assassination of serbian pm

Woman arrested over assassination of serbian pm

(ANSAmed) – Rome, November 2 – A 40-year-old woman has been arrested after allegedly taking part in the killing of an Serbian lawmaker in Rome by members of a 양산출장안마right-wing group, officials said.

It's believed the woman was acting as a courier for the Nationalist Movement for Freedom and True Democracy (MMAD), an organization which espouses a hardline conservative stance on Roma, they said.

According to the police, the woman was acting as a courier between MMMAD members and members of the Patriotic Front.

The woman appeared before local court, which had ordered that she be held, as police and prosecutors could not guarantee she would not go to trial.

Police said that a file had been handed over to prosecutors and it was li샌즈 카지노kely the woman시흥출장안마 would face trial as a fugitive before Italy's supreme court.

The head of the Italian secret services, Gianni Pescaroli, was quoted as saying on Friday that the person involved in the killing of Serb PM Aleksandar Vucic, whose body was discovered on November 7, had been identified through the "unusual" surveillance equipment used by MMMAD.

Italy's secret services have always been keen to keep people under surveillance, though they admit to using techniques too out of the ordinary for other countries.