While not as harmful as trans fat

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buy canada goose jacket cheap No amount of artificial trans fat is considered safe, so aim to eliminate it from your diet.Trans fat primary sources include:Commercially baked pastries, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, cakes, pizza doughPackaged snack foods (crackers, microwave popcorn, chips)Stick margarine, vegetable shorteningFried foods (French fries, fried chicken, chicken nuggets, breaded fish)Anything containing hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, even if it claims to be fat free fat. While not as harmful as trans fat, saturated fat can raise bad LDL cholesterol and too much can negatively impact heart health, so it canada goose outlet uk best consumed in moderation. While there no need to cut out all saturated fat from your diet, most nutrition experts recommend limiting it to 10% of your daily calories. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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