Vff pledges assistance to farmers and communities affected by drought, floods

Vff pledges assistance to farmers and communities affected by drought, floods.

"There have been major changes in water and electricity supply in the state because of drought," says Toh Keng Khel, a member of the SSP board and an active farmer in the Poonch district of Chhattisgarh's Daulat Begum area.

This summer, Khel got water supplied from a government reservoir, and he has been able to get enough for the needs of his family. "There are six families at present, who depend on rice cultivation," he tells HT.

According to Khel, it is only water from a government dam which he says he has to pay for. "It is a matter of a few days for me to collect the water, but because the government is supplying it, we won't be able to pay any money for it. It is going to have a major impact."

Harmful effects of lack of water

A lack of water is the worst problem, he says. It is one of the causes for the acute water shortage in states whe성남출장샵re irrigation is heavily controlled.

"This is the reason why many farmers from Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand and the rest of states, who have to rely on rivers for water in their o구리출장안마wn districts, are struggling to save their land for next crop," says M.B. Shastri, an expert on water development at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Chhattisgarh has been hit by a severe drought which has affected irrigation in the area, leading to loss of farmers' livelihood, says K.S. Togadia, a member of the Chhattisgarh irrigation commission (CBI). "It has affected the local economy and the environment," says Shastri.

Water restrictions have forced farmers to go in search of cheaper sources of irrigation and farmers' homes which have been damaged by floods, says Togadia, whose family st우리 카지노arted operating a school in the state five years ago.

Tigesh Singh Dhaliwal, a farmer in Poonch, Poonch district, is one of the farmers who was affected by a severe drought because water was diverted away from reservoirs to a neighbouring village.

"My daughter Kishan, 6 years old, is suffering from chronic respiratory symptoms," says Dhaliwal. "But her health isn't faring at all because of the severe drought." The district administration in Poonch refuses to provid