Vanuatu journalist arrested on suspicion of terrorism charges

Vanuatu journalist arrested on suspicion of terrorism charges


Police in southern Vanuatu have detained an Indonesian journalist over suspicion of terrorism offences.

A police source says the journalist, whose name was not disclosed, was detained on Monday after police found evidence he was acting in support of Islamic State (IS).

Indonesian journalist arrested

A man has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in a bomb and shooting incident which took place earlier this month.

A police source says a group of six men stormed the media office, raided the office and fired shots, before they were forced to retreat.

The group of men has also been carrying out the same act in previous incidents in the past, with each incident leaving one or more bodies.

Police believe the incident that took place in Vanuatu may have been a terrorist act because it happened in a public area.

Indonesian journalist on trial

Indonesian journalist Ejaz Bambangg has been charged with recruiting, financing and supporting IS with material, facilities and weapons.

Bambangg was arrested last November after being deported from Indonesia for allegedly planning an attack.

He had been fighting on behalf of IS in Malaysia for two years prior to his arrest.

According to the AFP:

Ejaz Bambangg was born in Indonesia, became fluent in English, and had been living in the Maldives since 2004. He had been involved i영주안마n a number of attacks in the region but none had come close to hitting the international spotlight as last November's deadly suicide bombing in a crowded concert on a public beach in Melbourne, which injured 34 people.

Mr Bambangg's former defence lawyer said he was a former member of an anti-government militia formed in 2009 with IS's support.

Indonesian court issues arrest warrant for Dutch milita월드 카지노nt

Indonesian authorities have issued a warrant for an Indonesian militant accused of recruiting people to join the Islamic State in Australia.

The court issued the warrant for Abd바카라ulla Reijeel after he was charged in January with preparing a terrorist act.

The AFP says Indonesian authorities say he plans to travel to Australia this spring and is being monitored by Australian counter-terrorism authorities.

His attorney said he was seeking to return home, but said the situation in Indonesia was "severe" as IS was still on the rise and it was necessary to maintain surveillance in the region.

The Australian Federal Police said they ha