The premier colin barnett talks to geoff hutchison about the events in Colorado Springs and the future of medical marijuana

The premier colin barnett talks to geoff hutchison about the events in Colorado Springs and the future of medical marijuana

Geoff Hutchison, chief executive of Colorado's Department of Public Health, has been the subject of much attention in the United States. The federal government is considering the medicalization of cannabis, and the Colorado Republican is one of those willing to back the policy. He's on the board of directors for the cannabis consulting firm, Cannabis Nation (and he's also a vocal supporter of medical marijuana).

Hutchison and his team are in Denver today to celebrate the city's cannabis industry launch, a major milestone for the nation's fourth-largest city.

"Coloragospelhitzdo has always had a tremendous economy that's generated enormous job numbers," he says. "And I think for a number of us, including myself, the best way to do that is in ways that are most economically efficient."

Hutchison's first task is to prepare the state with the necessary licenses and regulations tgospelhitzo sell medical marijuana.

"We hope to have a formal license for the first medical marijuana operation in Colorado in October 2016," he says. "For medical marijuana products sold, I expect the products to have a certain level of approval. For example, one of the standards that we expect a lot of people to be passing in Colorado is to have lab tests. And one of the basic elements, in general, in a quality assurance investigation for a quality assurance inspection and a quality assurance review, is when someone makes an objection, that it has to be substantiated."

In theory, medical marijuana applications could be approved within the next few years. The government already licenses medical marijuana companies for products sold in Colorado, but Hutchinson believes that these products will come from the marijuana industry and have not yet been certified.

In addition, medical marijuana applications should go through rigorous testing, which Hutchinson attributes to the fact that the plants won't be tested for pesticides or other chemicals.

Hutchison says that the final results are not set, but it will be ready by 2015.

The first Colorado market

A new industry is needed to provide patients of all ages the option of medical marijuana.

There are currentl카지노 사이트y just 15 retail outlets in Colorado. But there are plans to expand further, and soon, some 30,000 Colorado consumers will be able to legally buy medical marijuana.

Hutchison says that after four years in Colorado, the state is ready for its fourth market: the one in Boulder, where the market is supposed to launch next year