Suspect package sent to us embassy in new zealand

Suspect package sent to us embassy in new zealand. What do we do?"

A spokeswoman for a number of US intelligence agencies said they were aware of the emails sent to the embassy, but declined to comment on the nature of those email개츠비 카지노s.

The emails came out of a batch of records from the Clinton email system that was found in a "hacker dump" by Guccifer 2.0, a mysterious hacker linked to Russia who has been linked to several high-profile hacks and disclosures of classified information.

Shape Created with Sketch. Wikileaks: A timeline of leaked emails Show all 26 left Created with Sketch. right Created with Sketch. Shape Created with Sketch. Wikileaks: A timeline of leaked emails 1/26 Hillary Clinton's 'kill list' for Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton's infamous 'kill list,' which has allegedly been leaked to the New York Times by the Guccifer 2.0 persona as part of a phishing scam, was leaked to the New York Times by an anonymous intelligence contractor who claimed to have access to top secret information about Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats on 9 February 2015. Hillary Clinton has stated that the list was never made public in order to protect her private information 3/26 Former JLS director Valery Eboch sits down with New York Times journalists for the first time since the Times broke the story. Mr Eboch reportedly asked that his Channel 4 documentary be shelved amid claims he had broken numerous sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis. AP 4/26 Boris Johnson wonders if Donald Trump might be able to 'borrow a line' from Vladimir Putin Rex 5/26 'Could have been useful in getting Putin일산출장안마 일산출장샵 to shoot down MH17,' says complaint about Boris Johnson's remarks on Russian air strikes in Syria: 'Is that what you're saying buddy? Could have been helpful in getting Putin to shoot down MH17?' Getty 6/26 Boris Johnson has been accused of coming close to killing another British pilot during a combat mission in Syria. Mr Johnson happened in May 2014 when a US warplane accidentally shot down a Russian warplane flying at, near, about 400km away from the Syrian border, according to reports. He later apologised to Russia's ambassador to the UK over the incident and said he intended to prove to Mr Putin that US combat op부산 출장 안마erations in Syria are a real concern Getty 7/26 The loss of civilian life caused by a series of Isis-linked airstrikes in northern Syria has reportedly 'chilled religious believers'. Howling claims have been made that the attacks were made by the Isis coalition because civilians are being forced to fle