Study says coal generated power here to stay

Study says coal generated power here to stay

The coal industry will have been good for people for a long time, says Brian Smith, deputy director of the state Department of Natural Resources. It has provided jobs, tax revenues and electricity, Smith said, "and it's going to be a good generator for us long into우리카지노 the future."

But Smith said the industry will take its fair share of the economic benefit of the boom.

"The only thing the coal industry needs right now is to make sure the lights are on," he said.

Smith and others in the industry say the rate of decline may go up, but the industry has a long way to go.

Coal mining began in North Carolinagospelhitz in 1848, when the state became the largest producer of ore in the United States. That's when the plant that made North Carolina the first coal-fired power plant in the world opened in the small town of Ashlawn in South Carolina.

Today, nearly 1,800 coal plants are operated in 32 state더킹카지노s, generating about a quarter of all power generated in the United States.