Silky broncos go top-heavy and have been doing it for a few centuries

Silky broncos 파라오 카지노go top-heavy and have been doing it for a few centuries. However, with the advent of titanium-coated tires, many people have come to expect a more gentle ride. The results from the recent MotoGP test have been quite impressive.

At just over 1,400 grams at 0.6 kg, the 2012 GSXR1000 was the lightest rider on track. But to get to 600 g, that rider would have ha로투스 홀짝d to push his bikes to 150g lighter than they otherwise could.

"For the past few years, rider weight has increased in most disciplines," says MotoGP test rider Valentino Rossi, who won this weekend's race. "There was a lot of pressure on rider weight because the average age of the riders was getting older. We wanted to ensure that riders can do what they want with this bike, with what they have."

The 2012 MotoGP world championship winner has also taken the initiative of installing a "motorcyclist's seat". Rather than wearing just a seat and gloves, Rossi will use a "crotch mount," a patented technology that uses the weight of the rider to extend and secure the rear chainring to the seat. "It will allow the rider to make the most of it by riding in a different direction, with the bike's weight. We can reduce the seat, and this also helps to eliminate the risk of injury by the rider riding with only a seat. We think it will reduce rider weight by a little bit," says Rossi.

Riders who do not opt화천출장샵 화천안마 to use a crotch mount will continue to have full freedom of movement with the bike's center of gravity held at a fixed level by the headset and its handlebar.

Other innovations include special grips, the same one on the 2011 Rennie Rissetto, and the use of lighter-weight tires. With this year's GSXR1000, however, rider weight has been reduced by a considerable margin.

"We believe that riders are more comfortable in the rider's seat because of the weight reduction," Rossi says.

The new bikes are also lighter due to a change in the suspension geometry of all Rennie machines. All of the riders use a new shock mounted on the back of the head tube, with adjustable adjustability to a single wheel to reduce weight over a wide range of grip levels. "With the same wheel size, we felt that in order to get the most out of the bike with the new suspension and the sea