Shannon mccoole accomplice has sentence slashed 2 years

Shannon mccoole accomp온라인 카지노 사이트lice has sentence slashed 2 years. He is now in jail for 1 year for killing Shannon and 6 years on $6,000 bond. This woman was my friend to have a relationship with. She told me블랙 잭 she loved me and I needed to give her back my life and I didn't believe her. I went to him for help with my daughter's homework and he did nothing. My daughter cried over my friend saying t로투스 홀짝hat she would be sad for me. She was upset that I didn't help her but she knew my friend was doing what he did to me. I had been dealing with depression for the last 12 months and I didn't want to be that person with Shannon. I was a victim of the court system and I don't feel justice will be given to this woman or any woman that is killed by her boyfriend. Her attorney made some good points and Shannon is very innocent. They did get the $6,000 bond set.