Rebels players want beale back

Rebels players want beale back.

The Spurs wanted a versatile player with the ability to defend multiple positions and create his own offense. The Lakers had big concerns about how he'd fit in, but they had to find a home for him anyway.

And so they picked up the rights. The contract includes a player option for 2016-17. In order to exercise it, they can choose to either keep a high draft pick and take a younger player, waive their rights, or give up a 2015 first-round draft pick.

As we discussed a week ago, it seems that the Lakers are still committed 출장to Leonard. However, in the event that they don't exercise their 2017 first-round pick, they still have the 2018-19 option.

Assuming that the Lakers can't find a fit for him, it means that their priority now is to land a smaller or lower-usage player. We believe that Bynum will be able to fill that need.

While Bynum's upside is somewhat limited right now, he's only 28 and has shown that he can be productive with a little more, if not more. In his two seasons with the Lakers, he posted the 4th-highest points-per-game average on the team in both seasons and in those two seasons he was able to put together the largest offensive production (.472 PPG) among players in the league (1,972 points on 4,637 attempts, 487.6% from 3-point range, 1,051 3-pointers). He's not known to be a great rebounder, but he is very strong in the lane, so having him on a team that hopes to guard m마사지 닷컴ultiple positions of the court is a welcome change.

Bynum also provides them with another option to guard both power forwards and wings. He can serve as a defensive anchor who can guard centers, power forwards, power forwards, and even wingers for a team in a pinch. It's hard to gauge that role because he has yet to even make the All-Defensive third team, but it could fill any of the five roles that Kobe usually fills. The fact t제천안마 제천출장마사지hat he can be assigned one or both of those three positions and still still be effective is impressive, especially considering that he played only a fraction of his total minutes in 2015-16 and 2016-17 (38.8% and 31.0% of his minutes in those seasons, respectively).

That's a pretty impressive season for Bynum in on