'proceedings pending' over hadley workplace incident

'proceedings pending' over hadley workplace incident

Hearing at inquest

A hearing is scheduled for 7 June 2012 in Edinburgh Coroner's Court.

A jury at the court of inquests will decide the cause of death.

Maurice Tugendhat, from the High Court in Edinburgh, told the inquest: "I am satisfied that Ms McKeown's death was a result of a workplace incident, which in this case, took place during the day and took place in the course of her employment."

Mr Tugendhat said that he had interviewed two witnesses to g33 카지노ive evidence, one from Mr McKeown's home, the other from the Glasgow airport.

Both said he was told by his girlfriend that she had an emotional breakdown about four hours before her death.

In their evidence, the girlfriend testified that she had been working in the airport a number of times and that she thought she was still trying to work out what had been going on.

But she had told him that she thought it was a normal shift, that she could "never take another shift".

The girlfriend also told the court that the couple's daughter, 12, had seen Mrs McKeown at her home, and a number of people were seen outside their house.

"We got really frightened when we got home," she said.

"There were people that had already left, there was a car that was empty, there were a couple that were outside the house, two guys and a girl.

"I just had a few moments of panic just thinking the worst, just not being sure how to do anything as soon as th가평안마at happened."

The mother's family are continuing to express their shock at the death of their son.

Image copyright PA Image caption Two people have been arrested over Ms McKeown's death in Glasgow

Image copyright PA Image caption Police were called to 오바마카지노a home in Ayrshire after receiving a 999 call from a colleague in the airport in the early hours of Friday 12 September

Mr McKeown joined Edinburgh Airport as a trainee pilot on 9 November 1997 and worked as an air stewardess for the last six years of his career.

He left the post on 15 October 2014, following a two-year employment dispute with the Air Navigation Agency (Aneia).

He was one of six pilots who worked at the airport, and Mr Tugendhat said he believed they "are all very remorseful and in pain".