Pressure grows on south korean government over report that North fired 4 missiles into south korea http://www

Pressure grows on south korean government over report that North fired 4 missiles into south korea 1/19 South Korean government sources on Friday suggested that North Korea has deployed intermediate r수원출장샵 수원출장안마ange missiles that are capable of striking Seoul. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji 2/19 North Korea is thought to be now at risk of nuclear war with the US, with the two Koreas at loggerheads over Pyongyang's nuclear and missile threats. In March, Vice President Mike Pence visited South Korea where he said the US was 'locked and loaded' and prepared for all options. North Korea has also threatened to use a nuclear weapon against the US territory of Guam. The US has confirmed two missile launches by Pyongyang in the space of three weeks, with missile launching being the biggest indicator of Kim's intentions, though its possible missiles are still just speculative. North Korea did launch a missile this week which에비앙 카지노 flew 500km (310 miles), though the Pentagon has so far ruled out any threat to the west coast of the US. Trump in recent days has called for calm on the Korean Peninsula and has called for negotiations to be held to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula. The North Korea situation has been put at 'extraordinary levels', with the US Treasury secretary and White House National Security Adviser H.R McMaster said that the US was preparing for all contingencies if the crisis escalates in Pyongyang. 'The situation on the Korean peninsula is now extremely dangerous and international options are on the table for dealing with it,' McMaster said. Getty Images 3/19 A young North Korean defector claimed that she was held in an 'appalling' North Korean prison which has a 'hellish' punishment suite AP 4/19 Another escapee said she was tortured at North Korean camps AP 5/19 Getty Images 6/19 North Korea has claimed it has successfully tested an advanced hydrogen bomb which could be라이브 카지노 loaded onto an intercontinental ballistic missile AFP 7/19 A video claiming to show an 'intercontinental ballistic missile' being tested strongly criticised by US officials. Company representatives have claimed that the video was shot in order to attract attention to its products and station its engineers on the Korean peninsula. However, the video still contains many contradictions and it is likely to be just a promotional video AFP/Getty 8/19 Reuters 9/19 A video posted by STRATFOR in English show