Police launch road safety crackdown after man was 'lucky to be alive'

Police launch road safety crackdown after man was 'lucky to be alive'

He added: 'I feel awful. I'm just sad and I feel sorry for the guy who has not been able to do anything about it and I hope to do something about it.'

Berg also revealed how police are investigating whether officers can legally use force.

'The officers in uniform know what they're doing is illegal but they don't care about 카지노it. They take a pretty good deal of pride in it and they see it every day because of what it looks like, it looks like an opportunity to commit an attack to somebody and they do it,' he said.

One passer-by reported spotting the car 'running a red light'.

Ber슬롯 머신g confirmed that officers tried to arrest the suspect when he refused to stop and was attempting to reach for the police car.

'One officer, with a K-9, pulled the car over and when he came into the intersection and was waiting on the left hand shoulder, a guy ran from the car with his hands on his gun like he was a terrorist and threatened people in front of him and they jumped out the car and they tried to kill him, we couldn't hear it because he was holding the gun to his head, we couldn't see that he was threatening people.'

Officers said the driver was trying to take his police dog and was using it as a weapon.

'One officer said that they had him on the ground where he could be restrained and handcuffed and they asked, "Hey, do you want to shoot us?" The guy said, "That's right" and he did,' Berg said.

Officers told the man he would have to get off the bus because the driver's vehicle had been stolen.

But the man refused to put down his weapon and was still holding the firearm.

Berg said the officer with the K-9 could not catch up with him because he was'stuck on the right foot'. He said he heard the man yelling: 'He just came for my dog'.

'There was a very big explosion there,' Berg said. 'It's one of those things that really sets them off.'

Police were looking for three males in the vehicle.

Officers, wh온라인 카지노 사이트o were from several stations, have already begun their investigation and are appealing for the public's help.

Police have released the man's CCTV video and an emergency call.