Png teachers under pressure to complete training ahead of targets

Png teachers under pressure to complete training ahead of targets

Labour said it had found "appalling" conditions at many schools where parents complained they had been sent a packet of text message messages a용인출장마사지dvising them to complete training for a minimum of six months rather than one, and that they were "being told to finish school by their school".

In its report, the Labour-run school inspectorate recommended removing any statutory obligation to give parents a choice in training and giving parents a choice between their own children's schools, which was set out in the current state of education policy in England.

It also recommended a national national "primary teacher recruitment pla넷마블 바카라n" to improve the quality of the jobs available to teachers.

The education secretary, Nicky Morgan, rejected the findings, saying: "When a child has an outstanding academic record, every child should be guaranteed the right to get to university and achieve their potential and that can only happen if the state supports these efforts by encouraging teachers and other schools to encourage them.

"When I came into government this is one of the areas where we had an outstanding record on making education more accessible, particularly in disadvantaged places."

But the Labour party's shadow minister for school and legta5카지노arning Angela Rayner was scathing of the education secretary's remarks.

She told the Guardian: "This is about sending the message to parents that the teaching profession has failed and that no child should have to go on waiting lists if their parents are worried that they won't get a spot in the teachers' pool of choice.

"It is another blow to parents' aspirations and it puts the entire system into reverse because many people are already struggling and will lose their jobs unless they can get a place in the teaching profession.

"There are thousands of parents going through the same pressure that Nicky Morgan has and I expect that there are not going to be many of them this weekend."

She added: "There are schools where there are only two girls and one boy and they are struggling and in these schools they cannot find teachers. Why are these schools failing our schools the most?"

The education secretary was speaking following a visit to St Antony's in Oxfordshire on Monday.

Labour said the department had come under further pressure by parents after schools around the country were reported to have had no one qualified to teach English as a second language and English teachers on the books for only 12 weeks.

It comes ahead of a speech next week in which Nicky Morgan, who is due to explain how the governmen