People gather to celebrate proclamation day in Reykjavik, Iceland, February 17, 2015

People gather to celebrate proclamation day in Reykjavik, Iceland, February 17, 2015. REUTERS/Sigmundur Jóhannsson

"To us this was our freedom of expression and it was an assault against our right to카지노 사이트 be treated with decency and with dignity," she told Reuters television on Tuesday.

"These people (hooligans) were using violence, they were using threats, they were using insults, they were using racial slurs. It was an abuse of the right of free speech."

The government's move followed days of clashes between pro- and anti-government protesters that began when demonstrators attacked the national police headquarters, smashing through the front gates.

The violence came after police fired rubber bullets at protesters blocking access to a main highway in Reykjavik, who have been attacking government offices, shopping malls and other public property, authorities said.

More than 30 people were injured in clashes in Reykjavik, mostly minor injuries, Reuters reporters said. They said three people had been hospitalised after the clashes, all in critical condition.

The government said there had been no incursion into police buildings.

The country's interior ministry said earlier that three police officers had been injured when an apparent riot broke out near the government headquarters. It did not say whether the officers had been taken to hospital.

Iceland's Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson and other political leaders visited the wounded. Gunnlaugsson, whose party governs, praised the government for dealing effectively with the protests, which were in defiance of the European Union's decision to impose a cap on the number of workers a month allowed to work in Iceland.

Police on Tuesday said a large crowd was present on the main highway leading to parliament, including those who had occupied the highway. It was the first demonstration in six카지노 사이트 months in protest against the government.

"I've never seen anything so chaotic," Gunnlaugsson told reporters.

"I just don't see a need to sit around and think that we can have peace out of this. We know it doesn't work that way… In Iceland people are angry, and there has to be a solution. We have a solution, and that's to build this country."

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Icelanders celebrate the national day with several ac더킹카지노tivities including a holiday parade, which lasts for several days and the Independence Day holiday which is celebrated in May, which has its own problems with racism.