Overheated oil prompts manly ferry emergency

Overheated oil prompts manly ferry emergency

A man who was trapped in a flooded ferry on the southern coast of Nigeria has been rescued by a navy helicopter.

Terrified passengers tried to flee the port in Yola, some 30km off the border with Cameroon, with some of them apparently drowning.

The captain and five other crew members were rescued by an helicopter from a boat owned by the Yola Yolu Petroleum company, according to the company's website.

"We were shocked to hear the story of the emergency rescue and are sending our condolences to his family," said the company.

Image copyright AFP Image caption Some people were caught in the high winds near the port in Yola

"We have since started evacuating them immediately and we will be making every effort to 카지노 사이트ensure they reach safety in a few days."

A ship from Kambia, a city along the Nigeria-Senegal border, was spotted with emergency equipment. Its passengers wer바카라사이트e helped to a waiting boat at a nearby boat storage centre.

In February last year, more than 15 people drowned while trying to flee a ship capsized.

Th우리카지노e ship, which is owned by the international oil company Statoil, made about 5,500 tonnes of cargo from the Niger-Libya border as part of an off-loading agreement.