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Nt country hour 07091512

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8/15/2012 The Court for the District of Columbia holds a hearing to rule on a motion to dismiss the civil complaint against defendants and a motion to remand in favor of plaintiff seeking class certification on the grounds that defendants' business practices and lack of financial transparency do not sufficiently address the violation of the Fourteenth Amendment's Due Process Clause under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Plaintiffs' motions for declaratory and injunctive relief shall be granted. The Court will set the date and times for the hearing, unless the parties agree to adjourn the hearing. (This time frame has been set at the earliest possible opportunity.)

07/30/2012 This Court en-

writes an Order enjoini세종출장마사지ng the Defendants from engaging or attempting to engage and from engaging in or attempting to facilitate an orangutan farm that raises or allows or does any of the following: 1) sells, transfers, offers for sale, gives away, or allows to be sold, transferred, or provided for; 2) uses or allows to be used or offered for use as a shelter for, or otherwise offers or is used as a shelter for, an animal; 3) transports, or otherwise transports, or otherwise transports, or otherwise provides shelter for, or otherwise provides shelter for an animal in violation of section 2901(k)(5) 안마of the Criminal Code of 2012; 4) transports animals to the United States as a "business", or otherwise transports animals to the United States as a "business", but does not directly or indirectly support the activities carried out. Plaintiffs' Motion to Dismiss. Plaintiffs' Motion for Order to Show Cause. Plaintiffs' Motion for Order to Show Cause to Dismiss.

07/14/2012 Plaintiff's complaint (Motion for Order of Show Cause) is granted.

07/10/2012 P카지노사이트laintiffs' complaint is dismissed for failure to state a claim or allegations.

06/31/2012 Defendant has failed to file a Motion to Dismiss.

06/23/2012 Plaintiffs' Motion to Show Cause is denied for reasons set forth in the Court's order.

06/21/2012 Motion for Order of Show Cause denied (with instructions for retrial).

06/14/2012 Memorandum of Points and Authorities re: Plaintiff's Motion for Order of Show Cause, Plaintiff's Motion to Dismiss in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Defendant's Order of Re