Nsw drought worsens

Nsw drought worsens

A massive storm formed in the central South West yesterday morning, dumping rain for hours on south Queensland beaches and submerging homes.

A severe storm surge was recorded along the coast with residents in the Riverbank area and the city of Southport all in danger of being swept into the sea.

"The water levels on the sea are really high," Dr Jeff Smith, the Met Office's chief forecaster, said.

There are about 700,000 homes in South Brisbane that are at risk of flooding because of the strong waves.

Dr Smith said the extreme weather warning remains in place for flood danger in the southern end of South Brisbane.

"The water is high and the winds are high and it's not always sunny because you are really facing north, the wind is high, the sea is very high," he said.

The storm surge will reach a minimum height of around 1km at the end of the day, with more strong waves expected today.

"I think the threat of more severe events as we get closer to the weekend is getting greater," Dr Smith said.

Emergency services say the Queensland government has announced money for flood defences and flood warning, but it is not certain who will provide those needs.

Dawson's Rock to the east of South Brisbane city centre is the only h부천출장마사지igh-rise area to have yet to be evacuated, but local people are already concerned about floodwaters th에스엠 카지노at have inundated houses and damaged roads.

Mr Hutton said it was about time people got out of the flood plains, so he had no desire to say if Brisbane was in a state of imminent flood danger.

"The warning is to stay out. As we are in the worst-hit areas of the state, we should have been very careful with the planning prior to these warnings, there are a lot of houses in the flood plains, we've got enough warning," he said.

"We should have done the planning well 영천출장샵prior to these last two months, if not, we'd be much closer to that kind of extreme event now."

Mr Hutton said people in the flood plains were being advised not to drive as conditions were dangerous.

"I know it's going to be very dangerous, we're expecting the flood to be at the highest water level on Tuesday and Wednesday because there's not really enough water to hold the water for a long period of time," he said.

"We were in it last year an