More gippsland farmers getting drought aid, government to extend relief payments in winter

More gippsland farmers getting drought aid, government to extend relief payments in winter


The New South Wales Government is offering up to $17,500 to farmers in gippsland to help them deal with the state's wet winter.

About $10,000 will be provided over a three-month period.

Under the Northern Territory's Drought Action Plan, around one in five state farmers will experience severe drought.

But farmers in parts of the State's gippsland region face even more challenges this year.

Shedding snow-covered pines and other trees have helped the region battle droughts for years.

But over the past year, the snow has been melting faster than farmers predicted.

Farmers in the State are also expecting wet weather this winter, even though바둑이 사이트 it will not affect snow removal.

New South Wales State Environment Minister Matt Canavan says more funding will be provided in winter because some areas still haven't yet seen snow melt.

"It is only the first part of this year, that's when most of this will come through, so we know that there is still water and there is snow that hasn't started to melt," he said.

"People in the area who already have crops have already been hit really hard by drought, and that's why we are supporting farmers right now."

Farmers who have already been impacted by the Drought Action Plan include Glen Lomond and Tarendi.

Mr Canavan says farmers need help now to remain successful in the dry weather.

"I think these funds are a little better than being dependent on the people who are going to face a winter of drought," he said.

"These farmers are the ones who are going to face all sorts of challenges be해운대출장샵cause t넷마블 바카라he weather is still so bad.

"So in order to continue to make the most of the opportunities that are coming our way, we are really working very closely with the [state Government] with a view to providing the support and encouragement which will enable this to continue."

The Northern Territory Government will be accepting applications for the funds this afternoon.

It is encouraging more farmers to apply, regardless of whether they are in southern or northern areas.

"We are hoping that farmers will think about making them and our farmers very involved in the decision making process because when you make decisions it could affect your business in other ways," Mr Canavan said.

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