More controls mooted for election signage

More co더킹카지노ntrols mooted for election signage

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made no mention of the election issues on Wednesday when he inaugurated the new high-resolution satellite communication system and inaugurated a special communication function in Ahmedabad.

Modi said the state government is developing satellite-based elections technology through the central government, and further plans to make them affordable for the people.

Satellite-based computer systems offer improved control over the elections, allowing voting on the computers as if it is happening on a big screen, and the central and state governments have recently announced that their central computers can be used for the elections as well.

The Modi government also plans to introduce micro-electronic voting machines using computer chips for voter registration and online voting, though it is unclear how widespread these can be.

In Ahmedabad, Modi announced a Rs 3 lakh scholarship for each voter enrolled in the central electoral education initiative. The scheme will enable students who are studying computer science or maths in primary to learn computer skills, including programming in C and C++ software, among other t더킹카지노hings.

As part of the pilot project, Modi will also inaugurate the first ever computer system capable of performing face-to-face elections with the aid of satellite information.

The electronic voting machines will be based on a microcontroller design for security, while the central and state authorities will be able to offer them to citizens. A trial phase will be launched later this month and the electronic system will be 바카라사이트operational in October.

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