Moon lantern festival to light up elder park with lanterns

Moon lantern festival to light up elder park with lanterns

Singing with children at the festival to light the world's candles

A parade to raise money for a family's hurricane-ravaged disaster relief fund

"That makes it clear that Donald Trump is a clown — and the world needs some of that clown," said Kevin Drum, a spokesman for the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List.

"That Trump is a Trump, that you need to step up and join us, we need you to stand with us, if you're going to vote for him, to stand with us as a citizen and to help us put our lives back together, I'm 청주출장마사지going to be happy for you," Drum said.

The president-elect's victory, the group said in its statement, was "the beginning of a long journey of resistance and resistance on a very big scale."

Trump and his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday night that the "fake media" was going to "rush to judgment" against the Democratic front-runner but they "have failed again and again."

"We all are being treated very unfairly by the fake media," Conway told the crowd in Ph33 카지노iladelphia. "You know what I mean? They're not telling the truth anymore because we have a 룰렛president-elect that is a real gentleman, that is the real deal, someone that can be trusted with the nuclear codes.

"I mean that's just the sort of guy I look at," she continued. "And we're going to continue to make him that guy and I will keep fighting on this for every single vote we get."