MLB Awards

How close is that this race? The race is close, though I suspect Bellinger, as the shiny new item, would win quite easily within an right-now vote. Breakout stars have a small extra allure and Bellinger includes a big lead in both of the two major flavors of WAR. That lead was slowly shrinking, but as Bellinger's amounts have returned into the land of the rational. Yelich, meanwhile keeps on slugging along with outstanding consistency. — Bradford Doolittle
Why the numbers prefer… Bellinger. There is actuallyn't much difference in the terrific batting lines of Bellinger and Yelich, which favors the former because of park effects. Bellinger's Dodger Stadium OPS so far is 1.260, while he is 1.030 on the road. Dominant either way. Yelich on the other hand is in 1.606 in Miller Park — an absurd amount — but his road OPS (.886) is almost half that. — Doolittle

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