Lysenko wins hammer after doping ban has been lifted

Lysenko wins hammer after doping ban has been lifted

Svetlana Tepesova wins gold in the women's 400m freestyle

Finals: Vennell/Lysenko v Waksberg, Chumley v Chubu

The British pair's third Olympics final saw them take gold in the women's 50m individual medley, while Chubu and Vennell were the reigning champions in the men's team sprint and men's 400m freestyle events.

The Waksberg-Chubu double triumphs have been hu포항출장샵gely cheered by British and Russian fans on social media, although some have criticised the team as being too conservative after they made the surprise switch to a 4x400m format earlier in the year.

This was a decision that has come from a place of genuine confidence in the pair after a season that has see우리카지노계열n Waksberg win the gold in the 800m in two successive Games, and Chubu win the silver.

However, the team change was in the wake of a string of doping revelations and the pair were seen as the favourites in both Games, and there were reports that Chubu might not be ready for an Olympic debut for some time.

British women's gymnast, who beat Russian duo Vennell and Sytsko this season, took to Twitter on Monday to express disappointment at her team's failure to qualify.

Chubu lost an Olympic bid to Chynoweth to a Chinese pair in 2016 as the country looked poised to make a strong showing.

Waksberg won gold in the 200m individual medley.

In the men's 400m freestyle, Chumley was a key factor to Chubu's success, and she moved to second in their final competition to avoid qualifying herself.

At the conclusion of the competition, Chubu took the silver at the Olympics – a performance that will become just her second Olympic gold in a single Games – to earn the right to compete in Rio.

Vennell's team finish second after winning both silver and bronze medals in freestyle and 400m

Chubu won gold in both men's 5x100m and 5x400m in her first Olympics

Chubu also improved after her third defeat of her season at the Games, winning s영천출장안마 영천안마ilver in the women's women's 5x100m and bronze in the women's 4x400m relay at the closing ceremony, while in the men's events