Louboutin wins case against former miss belgium's anti islamophobia law

Louboutin wins case against former miss belgium's anti islamophobia law


A clothing brand owned by British Muslim entrepreneur Louboutin has won an appeal against a law that threatened to prevent them from advertising their products to Muslim customers.

Louboutin sued in 2009, arguing the laws in France and Germany were racist, citing Islamophobia.

The case has been winding through France's European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) since December 2010.

It could end up on an earlier stage as the case is going through a French appeals court.

It is not known if the Belgian law will be scrapped after the appeal.

The ECHR ruled that the law discriminated against Muslim women on the grounds of religion, calling on Belgian authorities to review the legislation.

The Belgian government has defended the law.

At the time, Prime Minister Charles Michel said the law was needed to provide security in public buildings.

"The reason I signed it was so that we wouldn't risk any threats against the religious더킹카지노 faith of some of our citizens," he said at the time.

At that time, he also said: "We don't need new laws or new disc예스 카지노riminatory measures."

But in his 2012 opinion piece for The Times newspaper, The European court said that the law was "too vague" and "must be revised by the Federal Court with a view to giving the impression that it can take into account all circumstances".

Louboutin has since launched a new line of business — which he says is aimed at helping girls with their education and business skills — and launched his own brand in 2014.

It also includes the new line of Bottega Veneta, featuring an "open face and open heart".


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