Leaders discuss king is shipping problems to U

Leaders discuss king is shipping problems to U.S. President Barack Obama with President-elect Donald Trump

King, who is a longtime critic of the Obama administration, said he expected the new preside바카라nt to do as well as outgoing president Jimmy Carter.

'It will be good news for African-Americans," King said. 'I'm sure that it will be very helpful and encourage everybody. It will certainly be positive news for us. I'm sure that the people who are saying the opposite, that this will make it harder for us to become a strong country or to succeed, I'm sure th바카라ey're wrong.

'I just don't agree with that at all. All I know is what he has done and what we're hearing, this was one of the boldest decisions I'v더킹카지노e ever had to make to make an important decision.'

'It's really something that will affect a lot of people because of the color of the skin. It'll affect people in a different way.'

He added that Obama had shown leadership 'for this country.'

King, who is known for his outspoken rhetoric on racial issues, said Obama's decision to speak out against racism was not just right but in 'his political career.'

'It was his right,' King said. 'He did something that I think most people would consider a political statement and a statement of support for a black leader, but that's just for president.'

The news came just one week after black students and their teachers were attacked on the Georgia state Senate floor in response to Obama's call for change in Ferguson, Missouri, to improve schools

The announcement is likely to disappoint those who had hoped that it would end the controversy over Obama's past support of the'school reform' programs, which had previously been criticized for racist intent.

One of King's top supporters, Rep. John Lewis, said in a statement that the news 'does not erase the racism that was rampant on our side of the political divide during President Carter's tenure.'

'As black students from across this country watched the tragedy of the day unfold, it was also heartbreaking to hear of President Carter's announcement that he would do everything he could to assist and defend their efforts in Ferguson,' Lewis wrote.

'In his political career as an activist leader, President Carter has also demonstrated the courage to stand up to the same forces that have taken him down and has fought on behalf of the most vulnerable communities in this country.'

White House spokesman Eric Schultz defended the presiden