Joyce backs hunger strike farmer's petition to get permission to grow sugarbeet again

Joyce backs hunger strike farmer's petition to get permission to grow sugarbeet again


A farmer has won permission to grow sugarbeet again after successfully fighting the government's decision to freeze his licence.

The New South Wales Agriculture Minister 실시간카지노said the Agriculture Department has given permission for Sycamore Broughton and another sugarbeet farmer to resume growing sugarbeet — but not for the first time.

Farmers who were first granted permission in 2010 have now won a judicial review of that decision.

The case was about Sycamore Broughton's application for fresh approval for a third farm.

He was granted a licence in 2013 but had applied twice for a renewed licence, but each time they were denied.

A court 청주안마decision from early 2013 said Sycamore did not meet the minimum number of hectares that was required of it to maintain a sugar-producing farm, as it did in 2010.

The department said it was satisfied Sycamore did meet the land requirements.

But in an announcement yesterday, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce said the department will review that decision again.

"It is a complicated case of how long the minister will allow farmers to make a licence appeal," Mr Joyce said.

"They are appealing that to the High Court and it is their only option."

Sycamore Broughton and the man who is also on strike were among five applicants who challenged a previous ruling that the department had no legal right to freeze Sycamore's licence to grow sugarbeet, saying it had no right to do so after the government had granted permission to Sycamore to make up the shortfall.

Farmers in NSW have been fighting to keep Sycamore's sugarbeet production.

Sycamore Broughton was granted a licence to grow sugar beets in 2010.

Mr Joyce said Sycamore's farmers could grow as much as 200,000 tonnes of sugarbeet this year, a five-fold increase in sugar beet yields.

"Farmers across NSW will benefit directly and indirectly because they'll have grown more sugarbeet, and that can go into supermarkets, and it can also help increase our exports," he said.

Farmers opposed to Sycamore's licence to grow sugar beets are among the first in the state to receive여수출장안마마사지 후기 approval for their appeal.

They believe the government should return Sycamore's licence to Sycamore Broughton "to allow a health