Journalist assassination blamed on is former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling

Journalist assassination blamed on is former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling

The CIA has launched an internal investigation into the "unmasking" of the identities of Americans involved in the NSA surveillance of the President, a former intelligence source has told RT.

The source, who worked with the spy agency for 20 years, revealed the news at a high-level briefing on Friday.

According to the source, intelligence officials revealed that surveillance was conducted on the President's "indefinite phone call" with German Chancellor Angela Merkel after the attack on Paris, after a secret warrant was issued for the interception of any electronic communications between the President and the Chancellor.

The name and identity of the US president was never disclosed, the source added.

RT spoke to the source of the report who is currently under surveillance for his involvement in "the leaks that have been the main focus for the public's opinion [and] what could affect the US government over the next years", who has been working for the US's spy agency for 20 years.

"Some of the names that are currently being unmasked have all been CIA agents who worked in Iraq," he told RT. "The name of an American who helped a journalist was one that is being leaked, and that's also being unma카지노 사이트sked. That is very significant to us… and I think you'll also hear that it is a very important case. What it highlights is how much of a concern we had that this could get out there."

According to the source, th슬롯 머신e CIA아산출장샵 아산안마 will launch its investigation, as well as those in the US State Department or at other American embassies, to understand the source of the leaks. This will be done after speaking to the person responsible for this issue.

RT's Martin Savidge also reported that US President Donald Trump called President Barack Obama's national security adviser, Susan Rice, for two hours on Thursday at 4 am.

"During that conversation Mr Obama offered the President a meeting with Susan Rice," the source said. "As he was speaking this was the last conversation between the President and the President of the United States, and as he left, the President offered the phone to the Secretary of State."

According to the source, the US president wanted the phone "for political reasons and as a favor". The US president apparently thought it was very important to the US that Russia not interfere in the US presidential election.

However, when the President then called the White House to inform them that they were going to meet, the source say