Jobless rate jumps to 58pc in sa

Jobless rate jumps to 58pc in sa.

Jobless rate reaches a 40-year high

Workers' average monthly earnings are up 2.6pc in May following increases in March and April, the unemployment rate rose to 28.4pc, the government's latest monthly reading, which has dropped below 10pc for three months and could rise again in early June.

The number of jobless people fell to the lowest point since 2000, when 672,400 people were out of work.

The monthly data comes as the European Union looks to bolster its efforts to attract t강원출장마사지밤 의 전쟁he jobs to Europe, while also boosting competitiveness in the global economy.

The number of UK workers has grown by 8.4pc since October 2010 and is now equivalent to about 636,600 people, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The Office for National Statistics will use the latest figures for the five months to May to set out its analysis of the UK economy at an EU summit in Brussels.

It is expected that Chancellor George Osborne will announce more detailed policies that are expected to help boost the UK's growth after the summit, with some key proposals potentially putting pressure on the UK's budget next month.

The ONS said: "We are working closely with the prime minister, the chancellor and the prime minister's chief of staff to set out what more must be done to drive employment."

Analysis: David O'Brien, BBC Business Editor

The employment picture is very different from the figures from the last few months. From August to April the number of long-term unemployed people in the UK increased by about 17,000, or 1.7pc of the labour force. The number of people that were actively looking for work rose by just under 3pc.

The increase comes with the economy still having been weak and unemployment close to 12pc.

The ONS is giving a more detailed view of its figures than the government's figures are, giv강릉출장안마ing a broader measure of unemployment rather than just the long-term jobless rate which suggests it is on the way up.

That could mean that there has been more of a tightening labour market since the start of the month, especially on the low-paid service sectors, which are largely responsible for most of the fall in average earnings for those looking for work since December.

There are signs that the government is starting to take action to boost productivity. The growth in employment over the last year has more than offset the decline in longxo 카지노-term unemployment, wit