I felt from the NBA already before you get there, but I was never satisfied and I have continued to improve.

Down from the podium there are in fact Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Princess Diana and Naomi Campbell. Rounding out the rankings Brigitte Bardot, Kate Moss and Jacqueline Kennedy. Gasport

December 13, 2015 – Milan The Russian professional Gleb Tremzin, currently leads the Prague Main Event are 218 players who gain access to Day 3 European Poker Tour Prague Main Event T12. At the command, thanks to a stack of 610,500, the chip counts there is a Russian professional Gleb Tremzin, the heels Niall Farrell, second in the All Time Money List Scotland, with 541,000.

Rounding out the leading trio is Swedish Simon Persson with 468,300 chips. and Numbers – For the third consecutive season, the EPT Prague Main Event was over one thousand inscriptions. For accuracy has reached 1,044 participants, each of whom paid a buy-in of € 5,300, generating € 5,063,000 in prize money to be distributed among the first 151 classified and whose names will be announced today after the bubble burst.

The winner of this year amounted to € 921,540. top player – In the history of the circuit, are three Russian players were able to win the EPT Main Event; the last was Andrey Pateychuk thanks to the triumph obtained in San Remo in season eight. Ramzin has what it takes to join the small group of compatriots, but to do so must download 1xbet app beat a field full of champions in the race on Day 3, there are in fact the Team PokerStars Online Mickey Petersen (76,700), Nicolas Chouity, Anton Wigg, Adrian Mateos , Jannick Wrang, David Vamplew, Mike McDonald, Ruben Visser and Roberto Romanello who will try to win the title for the second time.

The team of red pike can also count on Matthias De Meulder (185,500), Ivan Demidov (151,800), Johnny Lodden (148,500) and Chris Moneymaker (93,700). six blue – In the live streaming yesterday, Anton Wigg has become the protagonist of a remarkable comeback, thanks to a good dose of luck. At the expense was also Luca Amoruso, the best of the Italians on Day 2, which came out in a coin flip to the end of the day in a shot that would have given more than 150,000 chips.

At this point there are only six Italians at stake; the big stack is in the hands of Peter Alerci, which has a budget of 255,600 chips. They follow: Walter Treccarichi (130,800), winner of an Italian Poker Tour; Gaspare Nastasi (120.300); Andrea Cortellazzi (87,900); Marco Leander (72,900) and Luigi De Carli (29,300). the fire puts the turbo – There is an Italian player who has already triumphed (and twice) in this edition of the EPT Prague: Francesco Del Foco yesterday won the € 2k event Turbo beating heads up for Ole Schemion a first currency to € 68,550 on a field of 152 players.

The trophy arrived after about 24 hours of his victory in the € 300 NL Turbo, which allowed him to cash in € 16,775 after having lined up well 437 opponents. Live streaming – Even today – and up to the final table, scheduled for December 16 – the tournament will be broadcast live streaming. You can follow him on both the official Facebook page at PokerStars.it http://psta.rs/LiveDiretta, both on PokerStars YouTube channel, and pokerstars.tv pokerstars.it/diretta.

During the commentary in Italian, edited by Andrea Borea and Antonio Graziano, it will be communicated to the password for free to participate in an online poker tournament of € 100 scheduled at 19 on PokerStars.it. Gianvito Rubino

February 28, 2019 – Milan Luka Dončić, 20 years today. AP Today is twenty years old, but already has a resume that many colleagues can only dream of. A European with his Slovenia, un'Eurolega with Real Madrid that has grown up, three Spanish lighe, the MVP award in both competitions, the label stuck to him as predestined before it started the jersey of the Dallas Mavericks.

Luka Dončić is the future already today, a legend ready to overwhelm the NBA who was at his feet after just a handful of games. "It's a talent of those who are rarely seen, one that if in 15 years we will look back we shall be amazed what he has done and still can do," he baptized Ralph Lawler, a commentator from Hall of Fame Clippers, against whom Doncic Monday night put 28 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. In NBA history only 5 times a player with less than 20 years has put a triple-double, four carry the signature of Luka.

From Curry Durant: "he Doncic the rookie of the year" PREDESTINED – Only a few careless scout to what happens in Europe had not noticed the Doncic talent. Son of an artist, who moved to Real Madrid for 13 years, already in the first team at 16. Decisive almost immediately, collector of victories and heavy throws. Yet in the NBA the past have two teams: the Suns of Igor Kokoškov, the c.t.

Slovenia's European champion in 2017, and the Kings of G.M. Vlade Divac. "When we chose Luka in the draft we do not know what to expect. It went beyond our expectations – told him Dirk Nowitzki, his mentor in Dallas to take it up with the third call to the draft sacrificed choice in 2019 -. It's amazing: always wants the ball in his hand, he is a big point guard capable of creating for himself and for others, a great scorer.

It's really amazing what he can do. " Doncic won the freshman awards of the month in November, December and January; He has his hands on the prize of Rookie of the year (second European after Pau Gasol in 2001). After traveling 56 games 20.9 points, 7.2 rebounds and 5.7 assists media: the last rookie with similar numbers is LeBron James, who confessed that he had begun to reserve the Slovenian superstar treatment from their second match . James is not the only star to keep an eye Luka. "It looks like LeBron how he always manages to find the free companion, no matter where he is.

Not many people know how "the incensed Dwyane Wade. "He knows what he wants and always finds a way to show it, will be a star," he baptized Steph Curry. "It is a problem and will be for many years. It is very exciting to see "raised Draymond Green. "He plays like a veteran, it's already a complete player with very few weaknesses" has crowned Danilo Gallinari. FUTURE – Luka is accustomed to success since the days of real time. "But for me it is special to see someone wearing my jersey," he says.

He has not lost face good guy, although constantly works on a constructed talented watching Steve Nash. "Success depends on all the hard work: when you commit good things happen. I felt from the NBA already before you get there, but I was never satisfied and I have continued to improve.

Did not expect to be so successful right away, I have to say a little surprised even me. " Led by Nowitzki guide, ready to pass the baton of the best European ever appeared in the NBA, Doncic wants to write its history in Dallas, where he will celebrate 20 years (it considers "the best place in which I could happen"): "I do not foresee the future, but I and Kristaps Porzingis we can do great things together. We have talent to be special, we'll see what happens. " Luka does not say so, but its future is easy to predict: triumphs, victories, magic, that face good guy who goes around the world as a symbol of the NBA the next decade. David Chinellato

August 15, 2018 – Milan, Genoa betting on ACHRAF LAZAAR to replace the departing Diego Laxalt accasatosi to Milan (operation to 14 million plus 4 bonus euro). The Moroccan left-handed side represents the first choice of Precious (German Kragl of Foggia the alternative) and is output from Newcastle, where he found very little space. Lazaar able to return in Italy on loan.

Achraf Lazaar, 26 years. AFP there already is – Former Palermo and Benevento has already given his consent to the transfer in red and blue, with the general director Giorgio Perinetti director of the operation. In fact just the Genoa player manager discovered Lazaar to the Palermo time and intends to relaunch the court of Ballardini after the last two years experienced mixed results from class 1992.

From arranging the signing of full-back who earns € 1 million and the club would like Precious a contribution by the British (in the form of severance or retirement incentive), but the parties are working to find an agreement. It then waits for the green light to the sale of Rafa Benitez to formalize and close the transaction. Lazaar sees Rossoblu. Nicholas Schira