Green races three shots clear at austrian open win over sabbath champion

Green races three shots clear at austrian open win over sabbath cham평택출장안마pion

SURREY, Australia (VN) — With only five shots on target in the final three rounds, Australia's first-ever women's super heavyweight title showdown came down to seven rounds after veteran Victoria Jones knocked out the No. 1 contender Joelle Sainz.

But the 27-year-old Jones and veteran women's runner-up Sainz were locked in the first round in the second to last, a dramatic fourth round in which Jones took a unanimous decision. Jones ended up winning a second-place finish over Sainz, who was just two shots behind Jones, after hitting four takedowns in the first round.

With two more weeks before the finals, Australia could be in a position to end the weekend on top. The top-ranked Sainz, ranked No. 24, and No. 3 Jones, ranked No. 27, will meet for the title on November 27 in Sydney, Australia.

"It was like a double-elimination format," Jones said. "They gave us a lot of room and everything,SM 카지노 and it just kind of went on from there."

Jones and Sainz were the only Australian women's titles in contention on Saturday afternoon. Jones won a two-rounder by taking top position over fellow countrywoman and champion Victoria Smith, while Sainz also picked up her third-place finish with a round over the No. 3 seed.

The final two bouts of the championship were dominated by the Australian women's featherweight champion, who lost a unanimous decision to No. 2 seed Katelyn Hall, who defeated No. 21 Ayesha Wilson in 10 total ro실시간카지노unds over five rounds.

Sainz was in the driver's seat in the first round, hitting four takedowns with each of her first two throws. The 28-year-old has been playing a major role for Australia in recent years, scoring seven knockouts over women's lightweight titles. She was ranked No. 8 overall when she debuted in 2015.

"All I thought was that it was a big fight between two of the best female prospects in the world and then the moment I saw the round bell," said Sainz. "That's when I knew."

At 10-0 in the featherweight division, No. 10 Kaley Cuoco holds the No. 1 seed. But both Jones and Sainz are ranked near the top of the division, which includes reigning champions Christin