Government steering tough action at hoons to combat corruption across the board

Government steering tough action at hoons to combat corruption across the board."

In June this year, the government's top brass, including the prime minister and cabinet secretary, were arrested for graft. Several of its ministers were arrested for allegedly accepting bribes from overseas companies or even foreign entities for securing lucrative proj로투스 홀짝ects, as well as accepting bribe-free awards or promotions. Many of the cases have since been dropped.

Meanwhile, in 2011, as many as 80 per cent of the Indian Army personnel were facing serious health problems linked to poor nutrition and poor healthcare facilities.

The Centre has made health a priority target in the Defence Policy Guidance, which was released at the last general meeting of the defence minister last week. The plan outlines a 10-year strategic strategy on health, based on a plan of action which has been pr마이다스 카지노esented in the Defence Procurement Policy released by the government in May.

The document says the Defence Ministry intends to create a Department of Medical Engineering, a Ministry of Nutrition, Health, Rehabilitation, Addictions, Health Policy (Ministry of Health) and a Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to create a National Medical Research Facility in the future. The DRDO will create a National Medical Research Centre for Human Research which is to focus on scientific research in different areas of science and technology.

The Ministry of State for Health also plans to bring in a new system of screening of doctors and patients for diseases, a public health initiative under which the department will be responsible for screening 100,000 people and screening 100,000 medical records and records of all medical doctors every year. The department will also develop a system of reporting on data provided by government and non-government sources related to health issues and disease.

Besides, the Department of Food에스엠 카지노 & Civil Supplies, in line with new measures such as a plan for a National Public Health Centre, plans to start a new National Medical and Pharmaceutical Council in the medical field to provide a comprehensive medical knowledge for all citizens and stakeholders from the government, industry and the private sector.

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Dr Sanjiv Shukla, director general of the Indian Medical Association, welcomed the move to take a holistic view of health and said it would improve the quality of life. "I hope that this means more effective management of the health problems which are the responsibility of doctors. The Department of Defence's policy should reflect this," he told The Indian Express.

Meanwhile, Dr