France commemorates cultural icons piaf cocteau on a plaque near the National Museum of Athens

France commemorates cultural icons piaf cocteau on a plaque near the National Museum of Athens

"The reason why we want to do this is so that the history of art can be preserved through science and scholarship," he adds.

Greek artist Paola Gogolzadis, whose work has been displayed in various museums across the world, says it's important to understand the history of art.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption 솔레어 카지노Dr Kiki Kouriotis, also known as artist Kiki Kouriotis, was one of the pioneers of the art form and inspired countless imitators

She added: "The world is rich with beautiful sculptures, but there isn't always any research or understanding that goes with them.

"We have been left to figure it out on our own without anybody taking the time to share their discoveries."

Some argue that it is a waste of money to dedicate a statue – something Professor Gogolzadis wants to change.

"It's true that museums should be able to dedicate a sculpture or even other historical works for no cost, but they usually have to pay for a commission to paint them.

"If the costs of these are too high, I don't think we should have statues like this one.

"This is a beautiful sculpture because it really does represent a person.영양안마 And it real여주출장샵 여주안마ly helps with understanding Greece."

'An icon in the eye of art'

For his part, American sculptor Andy Whitehead, a world-renowned master of the classical era – who founded his own business called Art of Sculpture for over 40 years – supports the idea.

He said: "I'd like to see more museums and art galleries in my country – the kind of museums that are available to people.

"I also love that this place is at risk. For so many reasons.

"The museum is going away, and there are now so many people who want to destroy art as we know it.

"Art is more often associated with destruction, and it's one of the great symbols of resistance to economic, social and environmental tyranny.

"In the end, that is what is missing: an icon in the eye of art."