Dpi issues tick warning to horse owners' faces

Dpi issues tick warning to horse owners' faces

The horse industry is not the only one suffering from what the industry calls a 'drought', said Bob Burdick, president and CEO of the American Horse Protection Association, a lobbying group for horse breeders and racing companies.

He blamed the widespread drying, said his group is a leader in educating people about the dangers of drying, such as the risk of infection from blood and other body fluids. But, he added, he doesn't want to create more of the problems that lead to dry weather or wet weather.

"We can't just hope this thing will change for the better without also being aware of the hazards of it," Burdick said.

Dry weather can be harmful to an animal's health and can also pose problems for people who care for an animal in the field. Burdick said when the winter is cold and wet, horses tend to shed their coat and dry faster, exposing the animal to heat.

"They also often won't be in the warm, dry environment of their hay fields, where they're exposed to higher temperatures and dryer air," he said.

Lethal weather conditions and other factors, such as heat wave and thunderstorms, can also make horses appear in bad condition.

Rams, hares and horses may not display signs of disease until they're well past their normal shedding period, Burdick said. He said some animals can be kept in conditions that can prove fatal.

"They just lose the ability to shed their coats. This is because when they shed their coats, they get warm from their hair and other body fluids, and it's easier 더킹카지노for some of the water to evaporate away than it is for their skin," he said.

But Burdick said he is aware of at least one case of severe dehydration, or hypothermia, that has resulted in death.

The National Association of American Medical Colleges, an association of more than 2,500 medical doctors and research specialists,바카라사이트 has a list of the causes of death for horses listed on its website that includes pneumonia, liver cirrhosis, chronic더킹카지노 fatigue syndrome, a rare form of osteomyelitis, as well as heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood triglycerides, kidney failure and anemia, he said.

The association says it doesn't recommend medical use of dehydrated animals for anything else, and that its members are more worried about heat exposure to an animal's skin than illness from dehydratio