Denmark buries jewish shooting victim security questions mount, saying Denmark will find it'very hard' to remove the bodies

Denmark buries jewish shooting victim security questions mount, saying Denmark will find it'very hard' to remove the bodies

Police said they believe they can identify the remains of the victim, his wife and an acquaintance from a number of photographs, but the identities of the other victims remain to be confirmed.

Joint investigation units from the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian police forces will work together to identify them.

Jensen said the police were working at the scene in central Copenhagen after hearing reports of a disturbance early Sunday at a Jewish Community centre, shortly after 11pm on Friday.

The bodies of the four were discovered in a mass grave on the top floor of the Jewish Community centre.

After the bodies were removed by diggers on Sunday, an autopsy showed it was believed they were killed in a 오바마카지노shooting rampage in January 2015 in a Copenhagen suburb, but the case was later ruled out as an accident.

He said that it remained an active, unresolved investigation.

Hans Fredriksen, a lawyer for the survivors, told Expressen newspaper that police were confident they could identify the bodies.

Fredriksen said the bodies were from the area around the same time as the suspected shooting, which he said was thought to have been the same ethnic group.

"The three suspects were from the same ethnic group and they were also in Copenhagen and they were found together," he said. "We have the blood of the killer on the right hand of the first suspect."공주출장안마

The lawyer insisted that there were no indications of a racial motivation, and the body of one of the men, who was also found in the mass grave, was of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian descent.

The police chief in the area, Thomas Knausgaard, said that in a telephone call from his office, he had spoken to the Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen about the discovery.

Knausgaard said the Prime Minister should be the first to take responsibility for the tragedy, although he said in a statement he expected Swedish officials to be briefed on the case.

Copenhagen police confirmed that the bodies of the four had been exhumed, but declined to comment further on the cause of death. They said their cause of death will진주안마 be made public later in the afternoon.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Swedish Foreign Ministry said that, since this year's killing spree by a man believed to be the perpetrator of an anti-Semitic bomb attack on a synagogue in Stockholm, Sweden, the state has received numerou