Courtney topics final moments of her life

Courtney topics final moments of her life

Cara goes to funeral for husband who died from cancer

Amber Lynn Hoeven talks to NBC 4's Dan Jones

NBC 4's Dan Jones talks to the family of a man shot to death by police in Louisiana

Authorities say Michael Scott Scott, 40, killed his wife last month as she tried to make him leave their h인터넷 카지노ome, in코인카지노 a home invasion that they say began after he picked up his 12-year-old son from school. His son was in a nearby carseat.

Authorities said Scott shot her six times.

Officers were dispatched after they said the couple's 3-year-old son walked home with his father on Saturday morning in the 800 block of N. Main Street in Beevill카지노톡e, La., and began playing. Authorities said Scott walked up on his father and began hitting him with a baseball bat, then called 911. Scott's wife was the last officer to arrive.

The couple's mother, Donna, told NBC 4: 'He walked up on us and started telling the officers he wasn't going to leave and he wanted to die with us. She grabbed her 9-year-old grandson and ran away. But as she was walking, she saw him.

'She grabbed my hand and started crying. As she was running, she told us she believed in God. She told us she was sorry and that she loved us and she was the best mom. She said we needed to see somebody.'

A second family member said the mother took the boy for about four hours before she was able to call 911.

As she was running, she heard Scott call for help and called 911.

A neighbor told police that while the father was running into the street, the mother was 'walking towards her home' and she heard him yell 'I'm trying to call 911, the police here, the police!'

She was seen'swimming through' the front yard where she went to pick up the boy and then took off as the parents were leaving for a nearby convenience store.

At approximately 5.15 a.m., police found Scott's body under a large tree on a grassy area in a driveway behind the home. He had been shot in the chest, according to the release from the Jefferson Parish coroner's office.

The family said that Scott's wife was dead the previous morning when they had not seen him for at least seven hours.

Police are investigating what le