Christianity not tolerated," he concluded

Christianity not tolerated," he concluded.

But it was a remarkable statement 카지노 게임given that Mr. Obama, who was born in Hawaii to Kenyan parents and a Catholic, has not been shy in defending the country of his birth, in this case the United States. He has also said that he does not believe th실시간카지노e U.S. Constitution, as written, defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

At a campaign stop in the same state two weeks ago, the president, speaking of race relations, said, "It is not fair that when I see young black men sitting behind블랙 잭 bars, because of the crime that they've committed, that they should have to answer for their involvement in an atmosphere that encourages that."

At that campaign stop, for example, he mentioned the case of the five-year-old girl killed last year by her father after he had allegedly shot her with his brother's gun.