Bucks 76ers eye exum in nba draft

Bucks 76ers eye exum in nba draft

By Mike Bohn • Apr 20, 2016

After a short visit to the 2016 NBA Draft in Philadelphia, Michael Carter-Williams will have had time to talk with friends, family, and his agent before deciding whether or not to take the leap to the NBA. The Milwaukee Bucks might be one of his favorite prospects, but this isn't his first taste of the NBA, and while Carter-Williams can be a scorer and rebounder at point guard, his game as a defender will ultimately determine his future in the league. If he plays, the Bucks might have a chance to be the best team in the league this season, but what if Carter-Williams decides t우리카지노he right path and finds himself on another team? Here is a closer look at the team with whom Carter-Williams will likely play.

Los Angeles Lakers

This is a team that the Lakers should seriously consider adding for one of the best young point guards of the last decade, but if Carter-Williams makes the jump to the NBA, he'd likely be able to develop in a more defensive role. He'll have the opportunity to step into the second uni카지노 사이트t while leading the Lakers to a strong showing at the Western Conference Finals.

New Orleans Pelicans

He can be a very tough matchup for opposing teams, but the good news for the Pelicans is that he's a capable scorer with plenty of offensive versatility, and although the two sides might not get along at times, there's no arguing that Carter-Williams is going to be a fine defender in their system. He's also been developing in their pick-and-roll, and could help fill the void in New Orleans' frontline while also filling a role as a secondary point guard.

Utah Jazz

Carter-Williams may not be able to shoot the three, but if he can find a way to create for others instead of just himself, he'll be a force to be reckoned with for Utah. His defensive abilities will undoubtedly help the Jazz in the same way that Derrick Favors showed why he's a potential first-round pick. In any case, the Jazz are one of the few teams where Carter-Williams will likely be the backup point guard, and he's played with카지노 사이트 a lot of different teams throughout his career—which is all to say that the fact that he can shoot the basketball as well as he can defend will make this all the more interesting to watch. Carter-Williams showed some great potential when he was in the NBA, but so far the Jazz look like a tea