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Below is an outline of the major Brexit events expected today. All times are in GMT.

Mr Johnson’s allies say they expect Britain to submit to Brussels its formal proposals for a Brexit deal — in legal text — after the prime minister closes the Conservative party conference in Manchester. Johnson played down the row generated by the leak of UK plans for customs clearance sites in Northern Ireland and Ireland, away from the border, by saying these particular proposals were out-of-date.

We believe that the vote to reject the costs and bureaucracy of the EU and take back control over our laws and our cash was a positive move and we remain unapologetically optimistic about Britain’s future as an independent, free-trading, global-facing sovereign nation. Messages such as 'Boris Johnson wants to unite the UK' and 'he has promised Brexit will be done' have been allegedly shown on displays in 3,000 primary schools across the UK.

The EU side is asking whether the fierce reaction against the proposals for checks near the land border – as well as questions raised by EU negotiators in technical talks – will prompt the UK to make “more realistic” proposals. The UK has suggested the Republic of Ireland could mirror those arrangements, with close border control cooperation between customs authorities on both sides. If there is a no-deal Brexit, then there is no backstop. With little over two weeks before a crunch EU leaders’ summit at which Johnson hopes to sign off on a deal, Downing Street is banking on entering secretive “tunnel” negotiations to hammer out the details of an agreement.

Boris Johnson just took a huge step to ensure Brexit happens on October 31

Johnson is sticking to his Brexit plan and will not seek a delay to Britain's departure from the EU at a summit next month, two ministers said, despite the latest resignation from his government. They are keen to see a document detailing the government's impact assessment of a so-called no-deal Brexit. With no majority in parliament, which is determined to prevent what many businesses fear would be a calamitous way to quit the EU, Johnson was seeking a fresh poll in a bid to win a mandate for keeping his promise of exiting the EU by October 31, with or without a deal. Ireland's Leo Varadkar said that the EU had not received from Britain any alternatives to the so-called backstop provision in the Brexit divorce deal.

Boris Johnson has vowed to drape a Union flag over everything the UK Government invests in across Scotland. Boris Johnson’s tactics amid the Brexit chaos are designed to frame the expected general election as a ‘people vs parliament’ showdown, writes Ian Swanson, but his “Get Brexit done” slogan is as meaningless as Theresa May’s “Brexit means Brexit”.

(See 8.09am.) He said there were “very good reasons” why it would not be a good idea just to move border checks away from the border. But he said it was a “reality” that some checks would be needed to create a “single customs territory” for the UK once it leaves the EU. Johnson would not say exactly what the UK was proposing as an alternative to the backstop, but he said the plans would be presented to the EU very soon. The UK is due to leave the EU on 31 October, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson says this will happen whether or not there is a new deal with Brussels.

After the furious row over Boris Johnson's overruled attempt to prorogue Parliament, he will try to force through a short recess so the Tory Party Conference can go ahead as planned. If Boris Johnson's government fell, the leader of the main opposition Labour party Jeremy Corbyn would most likely succeed him. Boris Johnson has refused to back down on his use of the phrase “surrender bill” to refer to anti-no-deal Brexit legislation, after he брексит prompted widespread condemnation by telling MPs they should honour the memory of Jo Cox by delivering Brexit. Inside the EU, both Ireland and Northern Ireland are part of the single market and customs union so share the same regulations and standards, allowing a soft or invisible border between the two. Boris Johnson has denied his plan would involve customs clearance sites five to 10 miles from the border to deal with imports and exports.

  • Nicola Sturgeon has hit back at Boris Johnson after he said he did not want her "anywhere near" the world's biggest climate change summit when it is held in Glasgow next year.
  • Boris Johnson, who also urged cautioned against reading too much into reports of “customs clearance zones”, has had yet more to say on radio this morning.
  • Boris Johnson meanwhile has likened himself to the Hulk as pressure is mounting for a favourable Brexit deal.
  • Boris Johnson has denied the UK Government is proposing to build customs infrastructure five miles on either side of the Irish border after leaked British proposals to end the impasse over the backstop were dismissed by Dublin and Brussels.
  • Britain’s exit from the EU – taking Northern Ireland with it – risks a return to a hard or policed border.
  • When it became clear that Parliament would not accept Mrs. May’s deal by then, the European Union pushed the precipice back to April 12, to allow her to try again.

The first Agriculture Bill for a generation is also on its way and must be seized as a golden opportunity to build a system that works for British farmers. LONDON (AP) — Europe's leading automotive trade groups joined forces Monday to warn about the "catastrophic" consequences of a no-deal Brexit. British opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn won support for his Brexit strategy on Monday, fighting off a challenge by members who wanted him to immediately back remaining in the European Union before any election.

Britain is not proposing border posts along the frontier between Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit, but there will need to be checks somewhere, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday. Johnson's chief whip, or parliamentary enforcer, was speaking to Conservative Party legislators who voted in favour of a move to try to stop a no-deal Brexit to inform them they would be expelled from the party, Reuters news agency reported, citing a spokesman for the British leader. Main opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn told opposition parties Labour would not fall for "Boris Johnson's tricks" and would not support a new election until he is confident that the threat of a no-deal Brexit has been removed. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is entangled in a major parliamentary showdown over his bid to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union by an October 31 deadline, with or without a deal. UK opposition parties say they will try to pass a law forcing Prime Minister Boris Johnson to seek a delay to Britain's departure from the European Union, preventing a potentially chaotic no-deal exit at the end of October.

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"The government also noted that a number of exercises are planned for the coming weeks to help further refine preparations and inform the approach to emergency crisis management in the event of a no deal Brexit," it added. MPs voted by 328 to 301 in favour of the proposal, with 21 Conservative legislators rallying against Johnson's administration to inflict a first House of Commons defeat on the recently-installed prime minister. The Labour leader's comments were echoed by other opposition politicians – including Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson, and the leader of the Scottish National Party in the House of Commons, Ian Blackford, who both said there should be no election while no-deal remained a possibility. "The chief whip is speaking to those Tory [Conservative] MPs who did not vote with the government this evening. They will have the Tory whip removed," Reuters quoted the spokesman from Johnson's office as saying. The sight of hardline Brexit backer Jacob Rees-Mogg stretching out across the front bench of Britain's parliament during a particularly heated debate became an instant meme and attracted anger from the government's critics.

LONDON (AP) — The Bank of England kept its main interest rate unchanged at 0.75% Thursday, its last scheduled interest rate decision before Britain is due to leave the European Union. EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said talks with the UK were in a "very sensitive and difficult phase" as he criticised the UK government's position. The prime minister said he disagreed with but would respect the ruling that his suspension of parliament was unlawful – while remaining committed to delivering Brexit. Amid rancorous scenes in parliament, the UK prime minister insisted the best way to heal divisions was to "get Brexit done".

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He said he was simply fulfilling his role of letting parliament have its say. Bercow told legislators if parliament votes in favour of an early brexit date election, he will quit before the campaign. If they do not he will quit on October 31 – the day Britain is set to leave the European Union.

MPs voted to demand the government publish documents relating to its planning for a no-deal Brexit and private communications from government officials involved in a decision to suspend parliament. Boris Johnson said any move to block a No Deal Brexit would weaken his hand in attempting to negotiate an agreement with Brussels. The Times reported the party accepted some changes that would see Northern Ireland sticking to some European Union rules post-Brexit. Boris Johnson meanwhile has likened himself to the Hulk as pressure is mounting for a favourable Brexit deal.

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