Astra owner backs calls for penalty rates review

Astra owner backs calls for penalty rates review

Share via Twitter Vodafone has released a statement on the announcement that the Irish regulator, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of Ireland (TRA부천안마I), has warned the carrier that it will face a charge of €40 million if it does not reduce its phone speeds.

Th용인출장안마e company said it has spent years working with TRAI and has been clear that it "does not like the way that this issue has been handled".

"We have been clear in our statement of concerns that no action by the regulator should take effect until we had had time to evaluate the results of our investigation and any impact the review will have on our business practices in Ireland, its customers, its customers' interests and our investment portfolio," said Vodafone Ireland CFO Mike Flanagan in a statement.

He said the company's "attrition plans for 2015 will include increasing investment in network upgrades and capacity, with further investment anticipated during the 2015-16 financial year, with a view to achieving 100 per cent of the average domestic network speed at the end of 2015-16".

"All parties agree that the results of this investigation will provide additional impetus for the Government's forthcoming review of the way the public sector is compensated in the provision of wireless services."

In October this year, TRAI gave the green light to a probe into the controversial charging regime for new mobile phone calls. It had been investigating complaints the policy made it nearly impossible for customers in rural areas to afford a phone with a domestic data plan.

TRAI had initially recommended an eight percentage point rate reduction. However, the company has now said it would look at charging the same rate for new mobile phone calls to about 20 per cent. It will also look at how fast data plans are priced and the role companies such as AT&T or Vodafone play in promoting such plans.

Earlier this year the company said it will introduce its new flagship, the Airtel Zero, with unlimited calling to Ire광주출장샵land under the free 2.8GB data plan, in Ireland from this March.

The company said its Zero would have a 3G capacity of more than 8GB and will allow customers of its existing networks and over 50 networks in other countries to receive the best possible data speeds.

"In fact, Airtel Zero will have better network performance than Airtel One – which has a 3G coverage of 5.5GB – offering a faster 2G speed to customers at home and on the go," th