Alp predicting coalition meltdown: "No coalition

Alp predicting coalition meltdown: "No coalition? How long until the end of the coalition?"

He wrote in a blog: "While it may seem unlikely in a war between Sunni and Shia, in a coalition such as the one we are currently witnessing we should probably expect a coalition meltdown and a complete breakdown in the very foundations of our democracy – indeed in our society.

"This is because, unless we collectively refuse to accept any of the other side's arguments – which is far from unthinkable for an independent state such as Egypt — then it will have to adopt a very XO 카지노different political strategy: a politics of confrontation, of fighting for the soul of our democracy – at the point of no return.

"A political strategy that leads from the heart to the forefront and that builds the foundations of an alternative to a강남출장마사지n increasingly corrupt and sectarian system."

But Mr Alp said while he would remain a 'pragmatic' and open mind, he would not rule out taking action to 'help protect Egypt from further destruction'.

But he warned: "It is imperative that a new direction be taken without the approval of parliament."

'Possible future': He said he feared a 'full-blown civil war' with 'an endless series of false flags and terror attacks'

Mr Alp wrote: "We must do everything that we can to ensure that if possible, an alternative strategy and a new policy on the ground of peace and a political solution is adopted and 성남출장마사지 성남출장샵that the country can continue to grow in its future and progress.

"The country must not be the victim of the chaos and destruction unleashed during the recent political crisis, we must not allow the entire country to be destroyed in the next five days, so that we remain on a clear course.

"However, if necessary this country must come under fire, we must use every means to ensure that nothing will break the trust and cohesion of the Egyptian population, no matter how difficult it may be.

"So let us avoid a collapse of the democratic process that would result in the country becoming more and more a military dictatorship. Let's continue the path that has been set us and to rebuild a nation capable of living a more balanced life."

He was reacting to comments by Al-Manar TV, an Egyptian satellite TV channel which has been critical of the government and supported those who wanted to fight the coup-regime.

The channel on Tuesday broadcast a commentary by an activist who said he knew that al-Sisi was involve