Kage Unmasked

Author: Maris Black

ISBN: 9781519527240
Pages: 230
Description: Can their love survive the most shocking revelation?

Sexy college senior Jamie Atwood has fallen hard for MMA dark horse Michael "the Machine" Kage. With his hot muscled body, intoxicating green eyes, and proclivity for rough sex, Kage is a potent aphrodisiac to the innocent boy-next-door. The danger, the intrigue, the feel of his strong hand around his throat, the knowledge that his fighter would kill or die for him. From the moment Kage grabbed onto his hips and channeled all that masculine aggression into claiming his body, Jamie was ruined for anyone else.

Passions run high as the lovers try to assimilate into each other's lives: coming out to family and friends, blending into the high-profile MMA world, dealing with Kage's sketchy uncle. But behind Kage's mask of strength and indifference lies a crippling vulnerability, and a devastating secret. As the mask comes off, past traumas surface, dark desires spin out of control, and the damaged fighter is driven to hurt the man he loves more than life itself.
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